Allbridge Core offers a native bridging experience, enabling seamless cross-chain transfers between stablecoin assets.

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#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "ETH", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "BSC", "TOKEN": "BUSD"}}}#

#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "BSC", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "BSC", "TOKEN": "BUSD"}}}#

#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "POL", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "BSC", "TOKEN": "BUSD"}}}#

#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "TRX", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "BSC", "TOKEN": "BUSD"}}}#

How to Swap Tether to Binance USD

Allbridge Core provides a simple and intuitive platform for converting between a wide variety of stablecoins.

We suggest referring to our tutorial section for a prompt understanding of the bridging process. You can find a comprehensive guide detailing how to make the exchange.

Visit our documentation to find out more.

USDT to BUSD Exchange Rate

The exchange rate calculator keeps tabs on the current USDT/BUSD conversion prices.

You can obtain real-time information on stablecoin exchange prices by checking out the relevant section located above.

Transaction fee for Tether to Binance USD exchange

When exchanging Tether USD, the fee is determined by two main factors: the liquidity fee and the swap fee.

Liquidity fees are standardized at 0.15% per single chain. Thus, a cross-chain swap would incur a 0.3% fee of 0.3%.

The swap fee, on the other hand, depends on the liquidity pool balances available for each asset.

The most effective way to check the current fees is by entering the amounts into the bridge UI, which provides a detailed breakdown of the fees.

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For a comprehensive tutorial on stablecoin transfers, we recommend visiting the Allbridge Core guide section.

Our documentation offers extensive information on how to swap USDT to BUSD.

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