Allbridge Core offers a user-friendly and convenient platform for seamless cross-chain transfers of stablecoin liquidity.

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Current exchange rates on Allbridge Core

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#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "ETH", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "POL", "TOKEN": "USDC"}}}#

#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "ETH", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "SOL", "TOKEN": "USDC"}}}#

#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "BSC", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "ETH", "TOKEN": "USDC"}}}#

#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "BSC", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "POL", "TOKEN": "USDC"}}}#

#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "BSC", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "SOL", "TOKEN": "USDC"}}}#

#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "POL", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "ETH", "TOKEN": "USDC"}}}#

#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "POL", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "POL", "TOKEN": "USDC"}}}#

#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "POL", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "SOL", "TOKEN": "USDC"}}}#

#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "TRX", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "ETH", "TOKEN": "USDC"}}}#

#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "TRX", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "POL", "TOKEN": "USDC"}}}#

#{{"FROM": {"CHAIN": "TRX", "TOKEN": "USDT", "AMOUNT": 1}, "TO": {"CHAIN": "SOL", "TOKEN": "USDC"}}}#

How to convert USDT to USDC

To gain a thorough understanding of how to transfer stablecoins with Allbridge Core, we suggest consulting the corresponding guide section. 

Within our documentation, you will find detailed instructions on how to swap USDT to USDC.

USDT to USDC Exchange Rate

The exchange rate calculator on our platform keeps track of the current USDT to USDC conversion. 

To view the latest information on stablecoin transfers, please check out the relevant section above.

Transaction fee for Tether to USD Coin exchange

The transaction cost for exchanging Tether USD to USDC depends on two components: the liquidity fee and the swap fee. 

The liquidity fee is fixed at 0.15% per chain (or 0.3% for a cross-chain transfer). The swap fee is influenced by the balance of the liquidity pools. 

The quickest way to identify the current is by visiting the bridge UI, which will offer a comprehensive transaction fee breakdown.

Core allbridge


Allbridge Core provides a platform for stablecoin conversions, enabling the USDT to USDC swap. 

The bridging solution is designed to be simple and intuitive. Begin with choosing the desired asset and networks.

Afterward, specify the destination address, select “send”, and the bridge will facilitate the cross-chain swap.

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